WW1 shoebox trenches

We started our DT project for this half term which is recreating a world war trench using a shoebox ( plus other materials!).

Here are some photographs of the first stages….


We had a special visitor today from Lloyds Bank who very kindly gave us a cheque for £30. Our challenge this term is to invest it in to an initiative that we make us the biggest profit. Already we have come up with lots of great ideas so watch this space!

WW2 Art

We used lots of different techniques this week in art. Using straws to blow ink, we were able to create the effect of a field. Tissue paper ,cut a certain way, helped us to make poppies. Our soldier sketches were made by using lots of shades of green materials and combining in a collage effect. We layered our charcoal and pastel drawings over the top.

First week back….

What a fabulous first week back! We have had lots of fun and started as we mean to go on!

In English, we began reading our new class book, ‘Wonder’. So far, we are really enjoying August’s story and are looking forward to his journey in to school for the very first time.

Singapore Maths started with reading and writing numbers up to 10 million (which we are very good at doing by the way). We even managed to answer some SATs style questions as the week went on.

Our new Science topic is ‘Electricity’. Using our best handwriting, we researched the history of electricity and wrote our own information pages.

Topic for this term with be WW2. We were able to complete our soldier art work pieces from transition day and display it outside our class 😊