Which Umpa Lumpa potion will produce the biggest gummy bear?

we conducted a fair test to see which solution would produce the biggest gummy bear. We took starting , measurements to use as a comparison. We decided to find the mass and volume. At first we confused mass with the weight of an object but now we are able to explain the difference.

Egg parachutes- Science week

We designed and made our own parachutes in order to successfully land an egg from a height. The bigger the surface area of the parachute, the safer the landing of the egg. Some children decided to fix a tripod to the bottom of their plastic cups in order to cushion the fall- this worked! Once we had successfully designed one parachute, we went on to trial other ideas to see if they would work as well. Big thanks to our lovely parents for coming along and taking part!!

Finding the original price

We have mastered percentage increases so moved on to finding out the original price of an item. During our ‘Maths Mutterings’ we discussed and trialled different ideas on how to solve the problem. As a class, we found the bar method to be the simplest way to work out these tricky questions. Here is some of our work from today.

Dear Diary….

Our writing focus this week has been diary entries. We watched the beginning of ‘Shrek’ and wrote in role as the ogre himself. After watching the opening scenes to the film, we realised he had quite the eventful life which led to some very interesting entries being produced!



Adaptation and variation

Today, we discussed the difference between ‘environment’ and ‘habitat’. At first we thought they meant the same thing but we now know the slight differences between the two.

Online, we looked at many different habitats and the animals that lived there. We discovered that over time, animals will have adapted to their environment.  These adaptions come through variations. Variations arise from mutations in genes.