Show don’t tell!

Today, in Literacy, we watched the YouTube clip ‘High diving giraffes’. We then proceeded to write our own narratives using ‘Show don’t tell’.

To start with we wrote down ‘telling’ sentences such as:

The giraffes were walking down the hall.

We then changed these in to ‘showing’ sentences such as:

With it’s elongated neck and spindle-like legs, the majestic creature bound across the polished, tiled surface.

Can you think of an even better ‘showing’ sentence?

How are nutrients and water transported around the body?

We discovered that carbohydrates are broken down by the enzyme carbohydrase in to simple sugars.

Protein gets broken down by protease in to amino acids and fats are broken down by lipase in to fatty acids and glycerol.

Here we are drawing diagrams to explain the process.