Kung Hei Fat Choi!

We all had a wonderful afternoon on Friday celebrating Chinese New Year!

We tasted some yummy Chinese food including noodles, spring rolls and prawn crackers which we tried to eat using our chopsticks – it was very tricky!

Afterwards we wrote a fortune for our friends and family and made our own fortune cookies using a paper plate! We decorated them with Chinese patterns and the symbol for good luck!

We had lots of fun!


Our Digital Leaders

These are our DIGITAL LEARDERS Dylan, Levente Maggie, Lauren and Frankie. We have been working hard already and we have set up a lunchtime club to teach younger children to blog and introduce them to new educational apps and games! Blogged by Maggie year 6 digital leader. Coming soon… The little leaders blog to keep you informed of what we are up to… keep your eyes peeled!!image