Star Citizen!

We are so proud of Emilija, who was nominated and awarded the ‘Knowsley Good Citizenship Award!’ Emilija was given the award for her astounding academic achievement since joining our school two years ago, speaking very little English. She has made fantastic progress and is a wonderful, mature and sensible young lady!

She and her parents, went off to a fancy presentation ceremony at Aintree Racecourse, where she was presented with the award by special guests and enjoyed a delicious buffet afterwards!

What an amazing achievement? Well done Emilija we are so lucky to have you in our class and school!

EVACUATED! Our Trip to Tatton Farm!

We’ll meet again…don’t know where…don’t know when…

We set off early morning from school with our gas masks and name labels, ready to be evacuated to Tatton Farm as part of operation ‘Pied Piper,’ where we would work on a farm for our bed and board!

Year 6 evacuated!


Off to work we go…

We were soon set off to work feeding the animals and cleaning the work horses saddles – it was very tiring work, we couldn’t imagine doing all of this and going to school!





Hitler will send no warning…ALWAYS carry your gas mask!

Trying on our gas masks! During WWII children were made to wear gas masks in school during lessons a drill in case of a real gas attack!

 Air-raid Shelter!

The air-raid siren sounded so we raced to the shelter to be safe! We kept ourselves amused by singing our war-time favourite songs: pack up your troubles, run rabbit run, it’s a long way to Tipperary and Daisy, Daisy!!


The end of WWII!

Year 6 have loved learning about World War 2 last term and sadly we have come to the end of the topic! We have learnt an incredible amount and produced some fabulous work including some outstanding projects at home take a look and enjoy!

St. Columba’s Refugee Crisis Appeal

As a school we held an own clothes day to raise money for the refugee crisis. Children brought in 50p each or £1 per family which would be used to buy items of food and everyday essentials which are so desperately needed by the refugees based in camps in Calais.

Miss McGloughlin (Y4 teacher) has a group of friends who are travelling to Calais to support and help with the crisis who very kindly agreed to take our contributions with them on their visit.

As a school we raised an incredible £250! Year 6 were given the task to prioritise, plan and budget for spending the money in the most cost effective way! In groups they each had £50 to spend on a variety of items. They used ipads to go onto ‘Asda’ website to research and calculate the costs.

Shopping lists were created and Mrs Dunne (Y6 teacher) went off to Asda to purchase the things Year 6 had chosen. They were loaded up into Miss McGloughlin’s car and were sent off to much needed refugees in Calais!

We look forward to hearing about how they got on!

Well done children, families and staff of St. Columba’s!